Roll On: Kaison Haul

February 12, 2017

This haul was done more than a month ago and I finally pushed myself to write this now. Anyway, I thought I should try to make one since it looks like things to do. Though I am merely buying things that I need. Not to mention the horrible picture quality. Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Nonetheless, I was satisfied with the items I've gotten myself and I really do want to share this here.

by Onur Bahçıvancılar
1. A notebook - I kid you not, that's a pomegranate and near the upper left corner was actually a fly. But I didn't like the other cover and was practically almost giving up because I didn't found any notebook that fit my want. I was looking for a medium sized notebook with those yellowish paper with faint lines or no lines at all. This book has all that and I actually do love the quirky cover. It cost only RM8.50 okayyyy

Should open the plastic cover first.

2. A bag pack - This one is Nadia's. Do you like the design? I personally hated it and was really against on Nadia buying it. She bought it still and cost a bit over RM30. The patches were kinda cute but it doesn't seem suited with the canvas fabric.

We even took pictures of her wearing it but she still convinced it is good.
3. A tote bag - This is for Nabila. She went to those school that mix sekolah agama with sekolah kebangsaan so she has to bring a small bag for her telekung. Previously, I couldn't care less about the bag she would use but this year, her school bag didn't have a slot for her water bottle and it is a bit small. She got it for free. So we thought we would buy a decent sized and sturdy tote bag for her so that she can put her water bottle and some book as well instead of buying a new school bag. 

It costs us RM17 something
4. Essential oil with sticks - I never tried this kind of scent and since it cost on RM3.90, I thought we should give a try. I've been meaning to have some nice fragrance around the house. I choose jasmine flower and it actually smells a bit like green tea from Sushi King. Later, it was placed in the living room and at night, when I woke up from sleep and wanted to go to the bathroom and since the air conditioner was used, the smells become a bit too strong. I was wide awake by then, I didn't really liked it. I was hoping it to be quite subtle. However, I then realized it would went so well in the toilet. HAHAHAHAHAHA. It really does! Since the toilet is so humid the smell doesn't become so strong.

You could just used fewer sticks if you want it to be subtle but then I just loved a good scent in the toilet

p/s: I cooked mee kari yesterday and went picniking at Lata Ulu Licin. We even brought the portable stove and cooked those Samyang ramen. A really good day really. 

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  1. I've bought the tiny scented sachet which only cost rm1.90 each. I cant bear how good it smelled and how beautiful the sachet was. But it only last long 3-4 days tho. Hahahaha. Kaison indeed do have some quality item with affordable price. :D

    1. I never liked those tiny sachet since it rarely works. This one although is cheap, last more than two weeks. I think it's quite good. I should use fewer sticks though.

  2. Each time I go to Kaison, I would spend time hugging the plushies and teddies but not buying anything.. haha.

    1. I just touched them. Hehe. but those sure were damn cute and comfy. But wayyyyyyyyy above what i'm willing to spend.

  3. Well, I agreed with nadia then, as the bag pack is cute!
    It's nice to go for picnic, I never been one for ages

    1. What is it that made people likes those bag? i'm so confused. been a real blessing we suddenly decide to go since we were having a blast of time. you should totally try to make time for one.

  4. I've never been to Kaison but I do notice that they sell various of things like DAISO and I heard that the price is reasonable as well. btw, I stumbled upon your blog and followed you. Do give me a visit if you've free time :)

    1. Kaison and DAISO both have their own perks but personally i prefer Kaison since stuff at Daiso can be bought at cheaper price at kedai dua ringgit. hehe


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