Roll On: Giveaway Preloved Comic By Elsaalicious

August 07, 2017

I only join a giveaway or segment of bloggers that I truly want to follow (get updates). Here is one of it and it is not because Lawak Kampus is the best.

Come on, she even made it in HTML codes so I just paste it like heck yeah this is the next level of making life easier.

Just a quick reminder - submit your blog's link at my Awesomeness Ultimate Blog-list and help me improve my blog by rating me HERE.


Giveaway Preloved Comic By Elsaalicious
Giveaway Preloved Comic By Elsaalicious

Senarai Hadiah Giveaway Preloved Comic By Elsaalicious

Tempat Pertama
3 Komik Lawak Kampus (Jilid 13, 14 & 15)

Tempat Kedua
2 Komik Lawak Kampus (Jilid 20 & 21)

Tempat Ketiga
1 Komik Lawak Kampus (Jilid 18)

Tempat Keempat
1 Komik Lawak Kampus (Jilid 25)

Bloglist Selama Sebulan X 10 Pemenang

Wah seramai 17 Pemenang Elsa cari. Apa tunggu lagi? Jom join

Okay Bismillah. Klik banner untuk join

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  1. terima kasih join. elsa dah update dalam senarai peserta. goodluck!


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