blessing my face with sunlight so you guys didn't notice the acne and scars.

A good blog should have this "About Me" page so here I am, trying to be a better blogger. 

My name is Nurul Afifah bt Addnan and I just finished (as in now, in 2017) my four years degree in Pharmacy at The National University of Malaysia. I was born in 1993 (yay, the 90's kids). Currently, I am lost and looking forward for a clear direction in life and blogging is my beau.

I start to blog when I was 17 and it has been an on/off thing but somehow, here I am still. I love to write and settled to write in English because apparently I thought I would express myself better even though my native language is Bahasa Malaysia. You would see me writing all sort of things but mostly it would be purely from my own piece of mind experiencing the whole wide world. This blog is my canvas. My Awesomeness is my preciousssssssss.

If you scroll to the "Categories" part, you can get the general idea of what I have in plate. Apart from the customary sharing of my blogging experience and pharmacy related stuff, I now have three (3) main projects in this blog. Those are ;

  1. Eating Manjung - me eating around Manjung and doing review
  2. My Poem and Short story 
  3. Some kind of a novel that I am still currently writing.

I am generally a dork with acne and seasonal confidence but kinda want to conquer the world. But for now, how about we become friend?

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