Let's Eat Manjung


Yeah, I lived in Manjung, Perak. A lovely city really. It's still at its toddler stage and lots of new things keep on coming in (or it is just me only me realizing it now, mehh). Since I've been trying some new places to eat and also because I have lived here since I was seven, I thought I should document these new discoveries.

This list would be updated as needed (read as when I got the budget needed). If you know any place do recommend and I might try it! Btw, I'm not going to talk bad about places so if I don't like the place I just won't write it.

p/s: Funnily, Manjung isn't anything like KL or Bangsar and I dare do these kind of reviews in English. Oh my.

Let's Eat Manjung!

1. Let's Eat: HARUMi Restaurant
2. Let's Eat: Lemboy


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